En dans til din ære

"En dans til din ære" is made in honor of Viggo, Ingrid and Bjørn. We have never met them and we don't know who they are, but with some help from their friends and pictures of their favorite things, we made a dancefilm about them. With a focus on how you can capture and create an identity out of assumptions and prejudices from what you hear and see, but without really knowing, we've depicted three people as to how we think they are from what little information we've been given.


Linnea Lindh
Gry Raaby


Simon Beyer-Pedersen
Jytte Kjøbek
Jens Luis Valeur Jaques


Pekka Tuppurainen

scenography and costumes

Sara Vilslev

film photography

Ali Abbasi


Brian Curt Petersen

colour grading

Henrik Nielsen

portrayed and interviewed

Viggo Svolgaard
Mette Wraae Hansen
Ingrid Holten
Signe Poulsen
Bjørn Stal Dinesen
Preben Carlsen