How to be a revolutionary

There are lot of things you can plan, but never what happens in the meeting with new people. This work-in-progres piece was set together at a week long Choreolab during the Global Summit of World Dance Alliance in Anger 2014. It is my meeting with nine dancers to explore what it is to join forces; turmoil as a state of great disturbance, confusion or uncertainty, and the tipping point pushing us closer together.


Linnea Lindh


Lola Atger
Mourad Bouayad
Laura Dufour
Nejma Larichi
Bernice Lee Yixun
Jereh Leong
Gu├ędalia Reyraud
Seow Yi Qing
Meredith Weissert.


Pekka Tuppurainen

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Statens Kunstfond