Valmanifest (Election manifesto) is an installation and video created for the art collective Corso´s fifth exhibition. Together with seven guest artist´s Corso welcomed people to an evening with politics and art - the day before election day. The garageshow focused on expressions such as ”i ärlighetens namn” (in the name of honesty) and left us wondering; in the name and honesty of who? The day before election day is a day when everyone will have an opinion about the turnout, be it a longing for something new, a fear of what might come or simply a barfing notion.

In the five home videos of ”valmanifest”, choreographic interpretations of the political position was presented. How do we process information an election provides us with? In the verge between private and public the installation serves us with an offer on; how a moving election manifesto could look like.

The garage show was showed at Slakthusateljéerna the 13th september 2014

Read more about the exhibition at Corsos homepage


Linnea Lindh